Friday, 30 January 2015

J'aime lire

Today we were joined by Virgin Radio's Ace Burpee who read us the story, "The Bulliest Dozer" by hockey player Eric Fehr. He left us the autographed copy of the book as a thank you for being such awesome hosts and listeners!

You can check out Virgin Radio's Instagram shout-out to our class by clicking on the link bellow! :)

Be sure to tune in Monday morning to the Ace Burpee Show for an on-air shout out!
Canadian Geography Test

Today, students were sent home with a French outline of their upcoming geography test and some study notes. Students will be tested on the following:
- Naming the 10 provinces and 3 territories and identifying them on a map of Canada
- Including a title, a rose compass (the four cardinal points), and a legend on a map
- Naming the capital city of each province and territory
- Naming the capital of Canada

In the study notes, I have included a blank copy of a map of Canada. Please feel free to make as many copies as you like for students to practice with or to email me if you require additional copies.

I have encouraged students to use the Stompin' Tom - "Capitals Song" to help them remember the names of the different capital cities.

I have also shown students the website which has a variety of different geography games that will test students knowledge of the different provinces and capital cities. This may make studying a little more fun :) The website is in English, but the French and English names are very similar.

The geography test will be Friday, February 6th, 2014

**There will be no dictée or spelling during the week of the test so that students may focus on studying.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Les villes capitales

This week we did a "Treasure Hunt" using our atlases to find and identify the capital cities of our Canadian provinces.

We then concluded our activity with a catchy song by Stompin' Tom Connors to help us remember our provinces and their capital cities.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Concours d'art
Students worked very hard today on their first written paragraph for concours d'art. They will be expected to write three main paragraphs for their speech, so I have broken up the writing process into one paragraph per day throughout the week.

We used our hamburger model to help us organize and develop our paragraph with 5 to 8 sentences.

Having worked hard, we took a much needed movement break in the afternoon. :)

Monday, 26 January 2015

Nos coups de coeur

This I Love to Read Month, students have their nose in their favourite book!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Concours d'art research

Students have been given time last week and this week to take turns with the i-pads to do some research for their French speeches. They were also encouraged to take out a non-fiction book about their topic yesterday during the library period. I have asked students to complete their research for this Friday so that we can begin writing our first rough paragraph.
The non-fiction books and research can be done in English, as students will have the opportunity to translate once they begin writing their rough draft. Students have a purple concours package and have been provided with three sheets for taking notes during their research (the first sheet is the third page of the booklet). 
Below is a picture of the example of the research sheet that I did with them in class.

Students have chosen three main ideas or subtopics for their speech. They need to write their subtopic ("sous-titre") in the left column and have space to jot down their notes from their research. They need to start a new box once they start researching for a different subtopic.

** I have asked students to not use wikipedia for their research!!

Thank you,
Mme. B.

Math question

Below is a copy of the math question that I gave students to review the subtraction strategies that we have been learning in class. The grade 4 question is in green and the grade 3 is in blue. I have also included a copy of the different strategies that we have learned so far. 
Students have been asked to use to different strategies to solve the problem.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Spelling words were sent home today! 
Students have a copy of their spelling words in their agenda and will be given time during their Daily 5 centres to practice their words. They are encouraged to practice at home as well for their test on Monday.
Puzzle of Canada
In social studies we have begun learning about the different Canadian provinces and territories. Students were divided into groups and asked to piece together the different provinces and territories that make up Canada.

We pieced together the puzzle on the white board,


and used post-its to identify the provinces and territories.

We will continue reviewing the different provinces and territories, and begin learning about the capitals later this week!